a post-halloween workout for all you guys and ghouls

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Actually, I love all holidays.  I’m always down for a good celebration.  But, they can leave me feeling pretty dang tired the next day.  Even though I got much less sleep than I anticipated, I still got up at 7 and got my butt over to the gym (thank you sweet lord for that daylight saving’s time extra hour).  I knew I was a little worse for the wear and wasn’t going to be able to bang out any high intensity craziness, so I decided to focus on strength and avoid all the jumping and ups and downs that I usually do.

I used to feel like I had to do a crazy intense workout for it to count.  If I didn’t workout at my max during my time at the gym, it was a waste and should probably only count as a rest day.  This is a stupid mentality.  Your body can’t go at its max 100% of the time and its crazy to think that it can.  So, this workout is perfect.  It’s definitely difficult, but it lets you work while not having to spend a year at the gym.

Halloween Recovery Workout

Repeat each circuit 3x through resting for a minute between rounds.

  • 15 squats (weighted or not)
  • 30 walking lunges (15 each leg, 5-15lbs)
  • 30 step-ups (15 each leg, 5-15lbs)


  • 30 ab bikes
  • 30 mountain climbers
  • 15 leg raises


  • 15 squat & press (5-15lbs)
  • 15 lateral raises (5-10lbs)
  • 15 push-ups

This will leave you feeling the perfect amount of worked out especially after a long night.  No jumping is the key here, so feel the burn and take it slow.  Let those muscles work.

Also added bonus: Here’s the little Boo as a Rufferee for Halloween!



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