hydration, hydration, hydration and a review of Core Water’s new flavors!

I’m so excited because the weather is finally picking up again for real this time.  There have been some teases of warmer days, but now I’m convinced that it’s here to stay.  Having lived in Texas for a good portion of my adult life, I crave the warmth.  And I mean warm warm.  Let’s just say I wore a sweatshirt to Girls on the Run last week when it was 73 and the girls looked at me like I was crazy.  I was cold.

But with warmer temps comes the increased need to stay hydrated.  Now, I’m a water fiend.  It’s pretty much the beverage I go with 99.9%.  I’m also a water purist.  I can tell the difference between different waters, if it came from a tap, if it was filtered etc. and I am very picky about it.  But drinking water all day can get kind of boring if we’re being real here.


So, when CORE Hydration reached out to me and asked me to sample some of their new drinks from their Organic line, I was like sign me up and then some.

I workout a lot, that’s no surprise, so it’s imperative that I get enough water during and after my workouts.  Hydration is SO IMPORTANT.  Our body’s are made up of 70% water and it’s the thing that keeps it going.  Plus, it’s essential for quick recovery.  I notice a huge difference if I focus on my water intake after a killer workout vs. when I don’t when it comes to muscle soreness.

First of all, let’s talk about these flavors.


I started with the coconut colada and I died of happiness.  It was delicious.  Not joking, tasted like I was on the beach with a pina colada in hand, but it wasn’t an aggressive syrupy taste.  Just nice and light and perfect.  I would drink this over and over again easily.

Pomegranate blue acai wasn’t my favorite, if we’re being honest, but I tend not to like those flavors anyway.  It was a little too sweet for me.

Orange Clementine and Watermelon Lemonade were both delicioussss.  So light and crisp.  I drank them while lying outside doing work the other day and I swear summer happened instantly.

My two favorites were Orchard Pear and Peach Mango.  Both were so good that I ended up hoarding them and adding a little bit to glasses of water so it would last longer #noshame.

These waters and now on my must have list because not only do they only have 5 calories per serving, but they’re jam packed with antioxidants.  That and I can pronounce everything on the label, which doesn’t always happen.

Find CORE Organic at a store near you here, including 7-11

If you want to try out some for yourself, head on over to my instagram to enter my contest!



why I am not my workout plan.

This post has been a long time coming, but I think it’s an important area to address.  But first, a quick recap of my life and what’s going on in my neck of the woods.  Literally.

My untapering after my half was going great until it wasn’t.  I took off Monday and Tuesday from running and then picked it back up on Wednesday and Thursday.  I took Friday off from everything and got really excited about my impending long run on Saturday.  I had found a new trail by my house that I was stoked to try out and was going to give it a go.  I ran 7 miles total, but at mile 5, my ankle started giving me a little trouble.  I finished my run strong and headed home.  I thought about doing an extra mile with Boo to cooldown, but as soon as I started walking, I knew it wasn’t going to happen.


That night, I went in to Philly to hang out with some of my girlfriends and by the end of the evening, my ankle was swollen and it hurt to walk on it.  I’m about 95% sure it’s tendonitis, so I’m taking it nice and easy this week and rocking a pretty sweet ankle brace just to make sure I’m compressing it and not moving it in any funny angles.  Please reference my classiness below.

my ankle brace brings all the boys to the yard, clearly.

Other than this semi-disasterous issue that reared its ugly head this weekend, I had an awesome time hanging out with some of my fitness gals in Philly.  As I’ve mentioned before, we all met because we did Kayla Itsine’s BBG program and wanted to get together once a month to do a workout together.  This has grown into a huge meet-up of close to 50 girls getting together each month to have an awesome, sweaty time for an hour and then brunch.  It’s honestly the highlight of my month every month at this point.  But, I have a confession.  I don’t remember the last time I did a BBG workout.

I really loved the program when I started and attribute a lot of my strength now to it, but the circuits got old after awhile.  I wasn’t feeling challenged and the exercises seemed to get repetitive as I went from guide to guide, so I started to focus on other areas of fitness.

As you know, I got back into endurance running in the November timeframe and have since completed two half marathons (one on my own and the other at the Philly Love Run).  I love running and it’s something I plan to do for years and years to come, but it’s not the only thing I do and that’s fine by me.

I see girls latching on to different fitness plans and activities everyday, putting the creators of various guides, plans, or classes on pedestals and buying every product they wear or endorse.  It’s fine to enjoy your workout program, but remember that it doesn’t define you.  You should never be afraid to post something that isn’t related to a program that you’ve been doing for awhile.  You won’t lose followers and you won’t be lost in the gym if you don’t have someone telling you exactly what to do.  People grow and change.

It’s okay to not fit in to a certain workout demographic too.  As long as you are showing up, you’re doing something great.  Don’t be afraid to make what works for you a combo of a bunch of other things.  You can be a BBG girl and also like to go to kickboxing classes regularly, no one is going to come after you.  You can lift weights and also go to spin classes, and no one is going to unfollow you over it.  And if they do?  You probably didn’t want them following you anyway because they sound judge-y and terrible.

You can do whatever you want in any combination you want as long as it makes you happy.  I’m a runner, I do BBG, I lift weights, and I go to whatever darn classes I feel like but none of these things are what define me.  What defines me is who I am as a person, not what I do for an hour or so at the gym everyday.  Is it a big part of my life?  Yes, but it’s not the end all be all.  So, follow whatever plan you want or don’t, but know that you are so much more than what one person wrote down on a piece of paper and gave you over the internet.

Now for undeep fun times.  This video is just about perfect.  I was dying.