12 more weeks crossed off the list.

I have officially completed Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide two times through.  That’s way more burpees, push-up, and ab combinations than I ever thought I would do in my life.  Having completed the guide twice has made me realize how much I am capable of.


Before starting the BBG, I worked out a whole heck of a lot.  I spent hours in the gym slogging away on the treadmill and the elliptical.  I would occasionally do some arm exercises at the end and then a plank while my oatmeal cooked.  I always thought I was strong and fit, but I had no idea what I was really capable of.  My first round through the BBG was cathartic.  I started seeing changes in everything I was doing.  I could open jars more easily, run a little bit farther and a little bit faster, food was no longer an enemy and I started actually caring about what went in to my body.

When I lived alone, I was a frequent fan of cereal for dinner.  And for breakfast.  And for lunch if I wanted it.  I knew carbs were good for runners and I was running upwards of 25-30 miles a week, so it seemed like it fit.  As I started into my BBG journey, I started realizing I needed way more protein and more balance all around.  Nowadays, my dinners look more like the picture above.  Fresh foods.  Vibrance.  True fuel.

I swore off cereal one day last year.  I replaced it with oatmeal which seemed to do the same.  I’ve since started adding egg whites and a side of peanut butter to the mix to make sure I’m getting a well rounded amount of carbs, protein, and fats.  I’ve seen a huge change in my progress because of these subtle changes.

This time through the BBG, however, I have seen a different kind of change that has taken some getting used to.  I haven’t gained or lost a pound, but my body is changing.  I have always been quite small (sometimes smaller than I’d like to be honest) and have had immense pride in my petiteness.  So, as my arms began to grown and my legs and my bum, I wasn’t the happiest camper.  Yes, I know this was all happening because I was getting stronger, but it was just hard to see happen.  Pants didn’t fit the same and neither did some shirts, but I just keep reminding myself that this is for the good of me.  The changes I’m seeing are going to help me now and in the future and you know what?  I’m proud.  I’m proud of growing and becoming a better me.  I can get through exercises I never thought possible.  I can be proud of being stronger and healthier than most people I know.  I can know that I worked for this.  I earned this, no matter what shape I am now or may become, it’s only for the best.


roasted chickpea recipe and the the beginning of the end again.

I cannot believe another 12 weeks has passed.  Someone must have hit the fast forward button because there is absolutely no way another three months has passed since I started my Kayla Itsines journey.  I started week 12 with an outdoor workout.


I carried all 30 pounds of weight down my apartment steps and got to movin’.  I was even joined by a tiny mouse during my go.  I love the freedom of working out in the open air.  There’s no limitations, no ceilings, no people crashing weights on the ground, no searching for just the perfect little corner for your stuff where you won’t bother anyone and they won’t bother you.  None of it.  Just you, some weights, and the open air.  I’m looking forward to our move in a couple weeks (we’re moving to an old farm house on an acre of land) because it means more space for more of these outdoor workouts.  And no fear of me waking up the neighbors when I do my burpee box jumps on to the front steps.

After an awesome morning workout, I needed a protein kick in the afternoon so I settled on one of my old staples: Roasted Chickpeas.  I had made these bad boys a couple of times before and they were a hit, so when I found a massive gallon of chickpeas my boyfriend and I had bought at Costco (for a rousing $2.99), I knew I should probably make a batch since I didn’t want to move that bad boy along with all our other boxes.

Roasted Chickpeas

  • 1 Can of Chickpeas, rinsed and dried
  • 1 Tbsp of olive oil
  • Any spice you want (I went with cumin, chili powder, paprika, salt and pepper, but cinnamon and a little sugar is another favorite)

Preheat the oven to 400.  Take rinsed and dried chickpeas and place in a bowl.  Add olive oil and spices and mix to coat.  Once chickpeas are coated, line flat on a baking sheet.  Put in the oven for 40-50 minutes shaking the pan halfway through to ensure even baking.  And voila!  A perfect, healthy, protein-filled snack.

I love these bad boys and can snack on them for hours.  Let me know your favorite spice combinations.