running here, there, and everywhere and an Amazing Grass Protein Review

Can’t stop won’t stop over here.  I literally have been non-stop the past couple of days.  Friday, I headed back home to Chicago to attend my cousin’s wedding, which was amazing. Pre-wedding, I decided to test my speed a little and do a fartlek run on the treadmill.  4 miles of random speeds later and I felt good.  Like really good.  I feel like I’m making strides (literally) and it’s a good feeling.

Sunday was a rest day because, let’s be honest, you couldn’t pay me to workout after that wedding.  But, thanks to the rise of the Pokemon Go app, I easily hit my 10,000 steps haha.  My boyfriend and I went on multiple aimless walks.  Gotta catch em all, obviously.

Today was a 5k.  I still am taking little breaks every now and then to reassess and check my ankle, but I’m getting there.  To be completely frank, it doesn’t always feel awesome.  There are times when I get a little nervous, but I know I’m ready and I’ve got to keep pushing to get there.  I have to say though my new supplement routine seems to helping with my progress.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect protein powder.  After talking about supplements and all those fun extras a couple of posts back, I’ve been working to try and incorporate them into my meals a little more regularly.  I received a container of Amazing Grass Protein Superfood through my association with FitApproach.  All opinions are my own.


Amazing Grass Protein is a blend of pea, hemp, chia, and quinoa, delivering 20g of protein per serving.  But that’s not all.  In each serving, you get 7 alkalizing organic greens and two-full servings of wholesome fruits and vegetables. No shame in getting a little extra goodness along with my protein.  Definitely not complaining.

When I first opened the canister, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t ready for the smell.  It’s unlike regular protein powders. The initial shock of the smell didn’t dissuade me though and I decided to use it in some shakes and try baking with it.  It’s a super convenient way to get the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, that’s for sure.

So, I used some in a shake and I was shocked.  I expected it to be an overwhelming flavor that I wasn’t going to enjoy, but this was not the case at ALL.  I think the best part about the Amazing Grass Protein Superfood powder is that it’s more than just protein powder and that makes me want to use it as much as I can.  I started putting a little bit in my morning oatmeal, sprinkling it into some of my baked goods, and putting it in shakes.  I even gave it to my uber picky boyfriend and he loved it.  Seriously, I’m not just saying that.  It gave the shakes a green tea taste almost like matcha.  If you like matcha, you will honestly love this stuff.  It blends really well too because the powder is super fine.  Amazing Grass knows what’s up.

Best part.  Macros.  It’s super hard to find a low carb, vegan protein powder but each serving of this stuff only has 4g of carbs.  Yep.  4.  Kthanksbye.  20g of protein too.

Overall, really glad I gave this stuff a try and will be incorporating it into my rotation for sure.  It’s some of the most refreshing protein powder I’ve tried and tastes great in a simple shake of just bananas and almond milk.  Count me in.



don’t call it a comeback. getting back in the swing of things and a quick single serve cheesecake recipe.

I did it.  I went on a successful run.  I went on more than one successful run actually and I’m so darn proud of myself, if we’re being real here. I had spoken to my physical therapist earlier this week and he said it was time for me to get moving and try really running.  No anti-gravity treadmill.  No babying it.  No 10 minute miles, really get out there and run.

Saturday rolled around and it felt like a good as time as ever.  My gym doesn’t open until 7 on Saturday’s (so lazy), but I was up and out the door at 6:30.  I decided to do a run around my gym so if anything went wrong, I could hobble back to my car easily.  I laced up, tucked my phone into my waistband, and set my watch to go.  I was off.

I plodded around as fast as I could, keeping my ankle in mind then entire time.  I didn’t look at my watch to track pace, but every time it hit a mile marker, I stopped and reassessed.  Was my ankle okay?  Did I feel any pain?  How was the rest of me doing?  I ended up doing 2.5 miles outside and an extra mile inside on the treadmill for good measure. 7:40 pace.  I am extremely happy about this.  It’s going to be a long battle back, but starting at a 7:40 pace after 3+ months of not running is a good place to start.

But, the best part, this wasn’t my only run this weekend.  My gym bait and switched me.  They had a sign up saying they would be open from 5am-5pm on July 4th, so I rolled up at 5:45 to find out that none of the employees showed up.  There was literally a little group of us sitting outside haha!  I decided this was a sign and headed back home.

I set up shop in my front yard with some weights and did some chest exercises, but it wasn’t getting my heart pumping like I wanted.  So, I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go on a jog with me.  By having him come with me to talk, I would be forced to keep a slow, comfortable pace to hold conversation.  We made it 3.25 miles (not including some walking at the halfway point to assess my ankle) with an 8:20 pace.  I got home and iced my ankle and I’m happy to report 0 pain.  Nada.  Zilch.

This journey has been full of ups and downs and downs and downs and ups.  It hasn’t been a linear path, that’s for sure.  But I’ve been working my butt off to come back strong and proud.  And that is exactly how I feel right now.  I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate on a holiday weekend than getting back at it.

Oh wait, yes I could.  A better way to celebrate would be to eat all of these little mini cheesecakes I made and never look back, which is exactly what I did.  Not only were these one of the easiest desserts I’ve ever made, but they were dangggg good.

Single Serve Cheesecakes

  • 6 oz light cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup + 1 TBSP granulated sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp of vanilla
  • 1 package of mini Graham Cracker crusts (I use keebler brand)

Preheat oven to 375.

In a bowl, mix together all ingredients with an electric mixer.  Divide out batter into the 6 crusts.  Bake for 11-13 minutes or until the centers are no longer jiggly.  Let cool and then place in the fridge for 2 hours minimum.

These little pies are everything.  Just enough for a satisfying dessert, but at 228 cals, 26C/11F/5P, they won’t completely derail your attempts at healthy eating.