a do it anywhere workout and other ways to workout at home.

I don’t care when, how, or where you do your workout, just do it.  There are very few things stopping you from doing it.  People give me excuses all the time why they can’t work out.  Honestly, I don’t want to hear them.  Let’s walk through a couple of the most popular:

“I don’t have enough time” – Then do a 15 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.  HIIT gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping in a short amount of time.  The best part?  You’ll be feeling that

“I just don’t like working out”.  – I call shenanigans.  I am a firm believer that there is a type of workout out there for every single person.  Not a runner?  Try swimming.  Can’t swim?  Take a dance or zumba class.  Too embarrassed to shake your groove thing?  Take your dog on an even longer walk than usual and pick up the pace.  There are so many different options and you can find one for you if you’re just willing to try.

“Gyms are expensive” – No one said you had to join a gym to be a workout warrior!  Lace up your gym shoes and hit the pavement for a run, jog, or walk (or a combination if you want to be crazy).  Running not your scene?  Try out a workout like this one:

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 7.37.41 PM

Workouts like this are quick, but super effective and will get you sweating.  This one is only 15 minutes of active time.  Try telling me you don’t have 15 minutes to do something to better yourself.  The best investment you can make is in you.  If you’re just starting out working out, I advise doing something to make you sweat for either 30 minutes or 3 miles.  Completely one hundred percent do able.


how to get your butt to the gym when you really don’t want to go…and tales from the weekend.

Happy Fourth Friends!  The fourth of July has been one of my favorite holidays ever since I was a little kid, so when one of my good friends asked me if I wanted to come down to celebrate the holiday in the nation’s capital, I couldn’t say no.  We drove in on Friday and had a great time going out to a really awesome market that served wine and beer by the glass and had awesome bread and cheese and sandwiches.  The next day was full of walking around and checking out the Smithsonian Zoo which was amazing.


By the time we had walked there and back, I had taken almost 14,000 steps.  This was much needed as the rest of the day was filled with food, drinks, friends, and a whole lot of fun.  This morning when I woke-up, however, the very last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym.  I hopped in the car and drove home all the while cursing the fact that I would have to go to the gym when I got back.  Usually, when I head over to the gym these days, I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to do with my time.  Today, I went in completely blind.


Somehow, I managed to kick out 4 miles and sweat everywhere.  My heart rate was up to 186 at one point and I ended the workout completely dead but newly invigorated.  I was so happy to have gotten up and gotten out to run.  It felt so good to just move and go and let it all out.  That being said, I know how hard it can be to get going so here are some tips:

  • Put on your workout clothes-you’re far more likely to get it done if you’re dressed and ready to go.
  • Make a new playlist-music can change everything.  Choose some tunes to get you going.  Maybe do a 90’s inspired playlist or (my personal favorite) some jock jams.  It’s crazy how pumped it can get you
  • Just say you have to stay for 15 minutes– I promise 9 times out of 10 you will stay for longer than those 15 minutes.  Getting your foot out the door is always the hardest part.
  • Make a deal with a buddy-hold each other accountable.  Even if they’re hundreds of miles away, make sure each of you gets to the gym and I promise you’ll feel so rewarded after. My dad and I track each other through our Ups and through Fitocracy.  The competition keeps me going day in and day out.
  • Sign-up for a class-you’re less likely to back out of a class since you feel obligated to show up.  Bonus points if you have to pay extra.  Who wants to lose money just because they don’t show up?
  • Search out inspiration-hit up websites like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration for new workouts and mantras to get you moving.  It’s always good to shake things up and get excited to try something new.

Let me know if you have any tricks for getting yourselves to the gym.  I’d love to hear them!