kayla itsines’s nyc bootcamp.

This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Kayla Itsine’s NYC Bootcamp and it was amazing.  There was something so simple, but so inspiring about the whole event.  First off, it was 100% free.  Not a single one of those 4,000 girls who attended had to pay a dime to enter.  I find that amazing.  All too often, I find that high-profile fitness instructors charge an arm and a leg for everything they do.  Their websites are built around websites that provide recipes to meals that only reference their specific brand of protein powder, they highlight endorsed products on their Instagrams, they create their own line of clothing that they wear in all of their pictures and promise girls they will look just like them if they dish out $100s.  It all seems so fake to me and misses the whole point of what fitness should be about.  This brings me to my favorite part of the workout: what Kayla said.


The workout itself was intense.  Intervals of some of her guides favorite moves; jump lunges, jump squats, and the oh so dreaded burpee mixed with ab exercises all rounded up at the end with 5 minutes of high intensity work.  I had a great time at the bootcamp, but mostly because of the inspiration I was left with.  Kayla seemed so genuine in everything that she did and said.  She wanted to see us work hard and most of all, she wanted us to work as a team.  She stressed this over and over.  It was so much easier to go through the exercises when you knew everyone around you was struggling just as hard.  And it struck me that these 4,000 girls might not be surrounding me physically every day during my workout, but they are surrounding me in spirit.  That’s the beauty of Kayla’s instagram community and all of the wonderful, inspiring girls that do the BBG.  We all go through the same exercises in that guide and we all struggle through them, no matter what your fitness level.  It is that mutual pain that bonds us even though we may never meet.  Having that support system is the most motivating thing in the world and gets me going each and every day.  There is a reason I haven’t missed a BBG workout in the 19 weeks I’ve been doing this crazy thing and it’s because of the support system I log on and see everyday.

I left the bootcamp with a new sense of purpose and gratification.  I had been gifted the opportunity to workout out with so many like minded individuals.  It’s not the easiest to get people around you to grasp that you actually enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn to completely exhaust yourself, so when you find people who actually understand this and live this same way, you feel right at home.  And that is a feeling that money can’t buy.


getting back into the swing of things.

Real talk: I didn’t run for a week.  I just didn’t want to.  Usually, my workout week is as such:

Saturday-Run/Elliptical and HIIT on bike or treadmill, Sunday-BBG Workout and some LISS repeat until Friday which is my rest day and start it all over again.  Sometimes I split the workouts in half doing part in the morning and part during my lunch break, but generally, this is my schedule.

But the wedding weekend through a little wrench in my plans and I traded my Saturday run for an extra resistance session on Friday.  I ended up taking that Monday off too because I was so worn out from traveling and the weekend so I found myself with a week gap in between my runs.

One of the things I firmly believe in when it comes to running is consistency is key.  This doesn’t mean you have to run every single day for the rest of time, but you have to keep it up or your endurance suffers.  Of course, knowing this, I was dreading hopping back in the game.  I laced up my shoes on Wednesday, prepped for failure, and set out.  It wasn’t until I was perusing Instagram and came across this until I knew I could handle it.


I read this and I was ready.  I knew that one week without running wasn’t going to kill me.  Yes, this wasn’t going to be my fastest run, but I wasn’t going to die on it and I only had to go as far as my body wanted to.  I had this.

That run ended up being just okay, to be honest.  I’ve had better, I’ve had worse, but I was surprised at my attitude after.  I felt just good.  I was proud of myself for jumping back on the horse and pounding it out.


I have had a couple good runs since and actually started out my workout today with a 1/2 mile run around my apartment complex and finished it with a 1/2 mile run as a cooldown.  I’m getting back into the swing of things and it feels so much better than if I had given up.  We all get sidelined sometimes; injury, stress, schedule conflicts etc.  The key is to remember to get back on that horse no matter how daunting it may feel.  You’ve got this and you will continue to get this if you keep trying.