happy national running day y’all!

Today, I could not muster the energy to get up and get moving.  I wanted to do literally anything but get my butt to the gym.  So, I slept in.  I admit it.  I took Boo on a longgg walk and came home and flopped.  I flopped and ate proats and prepped for my morning meeting.  I had all but decided to not workout today until I got in that very meeting and was reminded by my co-worker that today was National Running Day.

Well darn.  I can’t very well not run on National Running Day.  That would pretty much negate everything that National Running Day stands for.  Do I know what National Running Day is?  No.  But I do know that when you type in National Running Day on Google, it does indeed pop up as June 3rd.


So, I laced up my shoes and prepped for a lunchtime run.  And it was awesome.  I’m so happy that I got my butt up and did it.  I did 4 miles alternating between 8.4 and 8.7 every 3 minutes.  I didn’t feel like doing my normal switch up of running and this was exactly what I needed.  The key to not burning out on exercise is to keep your body guessing.  If you do the same thing day in and day out eventually you will get too bored and give up.  That’s one of the reasons I started Kayla Itsine’s BBG and circuit training.  I needed something different because I was getting bored and uninterested with working out and I didn’t like that.  So, try something new with your workouts.  Take a boxing lesson, go to a new spin class, spend a workout session just focusing on weights and trying new machines.  Do whatever is new to you and just see if you like it.  You’ll never know unless you try.


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