motivation monday: strive for progress, not perfection.

Happy Post-Easter!  Yesterday was jam-packed with awesome activities.  I woke up and took Boo for a nice long Easter stroll and headed back home to face my nemesis.  The thing about Kayla Itsine’s guide that is both awesome and horrifying is that you repeat every circuit set twice throughout the course of the 12 weeks so week 6 is the same as week 8.  First of all the fact that I’m on week 8 of this amazing plan is mind boggling.  Second of all, I hate with all passion in my heart Week 6/8 legs and cardio.  Generally, I love the leg workouts (see my absolute adoration for Week 5/7 Legs and Cardio), but last time I did Week 6 Leg, I chose to do it at the gym on the last day of my workout week after I had tried to up my mileage running and my legs begged wanted to be sawed off.  In the interest of my poor legs and my new found enjoyment of outdoor running, I decided to just bite the bullet and get this one out of the way first thing this week.


Instead of doing it at the gym, because it was so nice out, I took to my front stoop to bang this one out.  I’m really loving being able to do my workouts outside when its nice out.  Sure, I may look like a little bit of a fool to anyone watching but I just keep remembering that I am doing something to better myself and they should want to t0o and use my drive as motivation.  Words cannot express ohw happy I am with myself for getting this done and listening to my body to know what would be best for it.  Plus, I got the biggest calorie burn I’ve gotten from a Kayla Circuit yet. Score Me:1 Week 6/8 Legs: 0.

After crushing my workout, I headed in to make breakfast Easter pancakes using some Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes mix.  This stuff was awesome and so easy to make, but I ain’t gonna lie I like my Greek Yogurt Pancakes a little bit better (I’ll post a recipe this weekend).  After breakfast, we headed out for a nature walk in a beautiful park that my boyfriend does a lot of his research in


I’m loving discovering some new aspects of New Jersey that I never would have expected (ie. not just industrialness everywhere and bad smells *looking at you Newark*).

This whole weekend was great and relaxing but I needed a little kick in my pants to get my workout started today.  After some searching, I discovered this quote for Motivation Monday.


If there’s one recommendation I have to anyone starting out on their fitness journey or starting a new program, it would be to TAKE PROGRESS PICTURES.  It is so hard to see how far you’ve come unless you document it and the naked eye looking in a mirror isn’t always the best judge.  Putting two pictures side by side allows you to analyze all the hard work you’re putting in and really see how it’s changing you.  The scale may not budge, heck you may even gain some weight, but there will be a change.  You just have to trust the process, be good to yourself, and be patient.

Another word of advice?  Don’t compare your first week to someone else’s 100th.  It will get you no where.  We all move and change at our own speeds and the sooner you realize it, the better off you’ll be.  You’ll get where you want to be, you just have to get there in your own time.


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