don’t believe me, just watch.

It’s almost spring!!  April Fools.  I got so excited this morning when I woke up because the sun was shining excruciatingly bright and I knew that with heavy doses of sun comes heavy doses of heat.  Or so I thought.  I leashed up Boo and got perhaps a bit overzealous about our morning walk.

Enter my morning run:


I decided that today was no ordinary walk for Boo and I and set off on a morning jog complete with multiple bathroom breaks for the pup that slowed our time a bit.  By the time we got back home, I was ready to go.  Being inspired from my leisurely run in Houston, I decided to better my morning by knocking out 2 more miles.  I had worn my coat, gloves, and ear warmers outside on our run and felt a bit hot then, so I decided to just wear a long sleeve shirt and my leggings and set out.  Big mistake.  I came back with hands redder than a tomato and no feeling whatsoever in my fingers.  You live and you learn.  And you eternally wish for warmer temperatures.

I am not an outdoor runner at all.  I hate it in fact.  I will run a million miles on the treadmill before I have to step foot outside.  I don’t like a) the unpredictability of the terrain and b) the inability to track my speed as I’m going.  My April goal is to try and take more of my runs outside as the weather heats up, so wish me luck.  My ex-collegiate runner of a boyfriend has even promised me that he will join occasionally which is a huge win.

After starting my day on a high, I decided to go full masochist and go to the gym later with the aforementioned boyfriend because I am a crazy person.


707 calories, 2 and a half additional miles and some extremely slow ellipticalling later, I think it’s safe to say I did a pretty good job today.  I refueled with my recent obsession of cheese sandwiches, so those burned off calories did not go to waste.

Now, I’m feeling a little like this girl right here and am ready for a nice relaxing night full of foam rolling and stretching.  Have a nice night blog world!



5 thoughts on “don’t believe me, just watch.

  1. I’m enjoying your posts as I’m getting started on my journey!! Per my most recent blog post, the treadmill has got me down lately and I’m loving the outdoor runs – even with Houston’s springtime pollen. I’ll send you some outdoor vibes in exchange for good treadmill vibes.
    I have to get in 3 miles tomorrow at 5 am before a 13 hour workday… Debating right now: treadmill or 30 laps on the indoor track… I’m going to try to man up and treadmill it – we’ll see!!


    1. what did you end up doing?! the treadmill can be very daunting to some, but I like it because I feel like time passes so much more quickly when I’m watching something on TV or people watching haha!


      1. Treadmill!! I think it’s getting easier (running). I think for me, running outside, I can say “you can totally make it 3 more blocks… Then 3 more… Then 3 more…” Versus the indeterminable amounts of time on the treadmill. But today I had the Beverly Hills housewives to entertain me, so that may have made time pass quicker too – total drama queens!!


      2. ahh RHOBH is the absolute best. also, just a tip for treadmill running, it goes by a lot faster if you play around with intervals. like I’ll jog for three minutes and then i will run at a moderate pace for three minutes and then i will all out sprint for one minute and then i’ll jog again for a minute. if you stay at one steady state, it can get really daunting really fast haha


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