salt n pepa’s here and we’re in effect…want you to push it, babe.

Today’s theme inspired by the stylings of Salt n Pepa.  Monday’s always need a little extra motivation to get things going.  Maybe it’s the fact that I have to work and get my brain in that state of mind but I always need a little extra umph.  Enter: purple cheetah pants.


Sometimes you just need a extra boost in your outfit to really go out and crush it.  I got these on super sale at Nordstrom and cannot recommend them highly enough.  I used to be a serial black outfit gym wearer, but these add a little spice and I’m all about that.

My Motivation Monday quote is “Push Yourself, No On Is Going To Do It For You”.


I really think this is an important mantra for everyone interested in fitness.  Unlike a lot of things in life, with working out and eating right you get back what you put in.  You are completely in control of your destiny here (barring you don’t suffer any non-avoidable injuries).  So often people are looking for someone else to blame or use as a scapegoat for their short comings, but once you own up to it yourself, you realize your control in the situation.  If you eat too much junk or don’t take an extra rest day, don’t sweat it.  Sometimes we need those days.  Just use that feeling as motivation for your next workout.  Next time you’re at the gym, bump the speed up on the treadmill by a notch, do one or two more reps, jump higher than you did last time, challenge yourself and be proud with your results.  Push yourself because no one is going to do it for you.


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