you can’t make me.

I lacked any and all motivation to go to the gym today.  I was sore from yesterday’s arms and abs workout and I just wanted to be a bum and not move.  I felt grumbly and just wanted to be a curmudgeon and lounge in my own laziness.  So naturally, I laced up my shoes and headed out the door.

Anytime I really don’t feel like going to the gym, I have some of my best workouts.  I had been hitting it pretty hard this past week, so I was planning on easing my way through today’s workout and just kind of calling it a day once I felt satisfied.  My body had other plans.  I hopped on the treadmill and started warming up, just to get my heart rate going.  All of the sudden, my legs started feeling really good.  And I just kept going.  And going.  And, for no reason, going.  I was energizer bunny-ing this run and I had no complaints.


Because the world is cruel and unusual, I did that 2 mile workout twice for a total of 4 miles plus an extra .2 for cooldown.  What motivated today’s run?  Eminem’s Lose Yourself.  I lost myself in his dulcet tones for 4 and almost a quarter miles.  Why?  Who knows.  Does anyone else do this?  Between this run and my last Nicki Minaj fueled romp, I’m seeing a real trend as of late.  Because I guarentee the rest of you are not like me, I put together an 00’s inspired playlist full of some of my favorite running tunes to get y’all motivated.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.37.05 PM

I hope you enjoy it.  Finding good songs to run to can be a challenge, but the right stuff can motivate the heck out of me.  Do you have any favorite songs to run to?


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