i feel good…dunna nuh na nuh na nuh

I knew that I would.  James Brown said it best.  For some reason, this week has been really good for me.  I have felt confident in body, mind, and spirit and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I don’t know if it’s things warming up or something in the air, but I am a very happy girl.  Let’s just chock it up to endorphins haha.

Today started out with a solid Week 4 finish.  Even though I abhor commandos and mountain climbers + push-ups, I kept it going and finished that sucker up.  I hit the gym for some ellipticalling later just to full round out my workout and finish the week strong.

After a longggg day, I was ready for a treat and that treat wash popcorn and parmesan.  This combo has long been one of my favorites.  My mom used to make popcorn for my brother and I as a snack and we would always top it with shaved parmesan or shaved dark chocolate.  Or both if we were feeling truly daring 😉 


If you haven’t tried this combo, I highly recommend it.  You can use store bought popcorn (this is Skinny Pop) or you can make it in the microwave by simply putting some kernels in a brown paper bag and putting it in for 1:30.  I used to do this ALL the time in college and am definitely going to be bringing it back into my regular rotation again.

Now I would like to take a moment to discuss the amazingness of the Jawbone UP 24.


This little nugget is a godsend.  I am obsessed with metrics.  I’m insanely competitive so anything that can set a goal I can crush is a friend of mine.  Enter the Jawbone UP 24.  I can set a goal of how many hours I want to sleep, how many steps I want to take, or how much water I want to drink etc.  And then as the day progresses I can see how I did.  I love checking my number of steps at the end of the day and seeing that I have walked WAY more than I gave myself credit for.  On rest days, it helps to remind me to move just a little bit more since I don’t have the benefit of getting a full workout in.

The sleep tracking is another wonderful feature.  You click a button on the side of the UP right before bed and then again when you wake up.  From there, you receive all the data of your night’s sleep ie. how many times you woke up, when you were in heavy sleep/light sleep.  The alarm feature is probably my favorite part.  You sent an alarm with a window (I usually do 10 minutes) and it wakes you up by gently vibrating you awake during your lightest sleep.  I find I feel much more well-rested and awake in the morning since getting the UP.  Do any of you guys have one of these or another fitness tracker?  What’s your favorite feature?


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