abs on abs on abs.

Today was Arms and Abs Week 4.  I’m not going to lie, Week 2 and Week 4 Arms and Abs (they’re the same circuits) are my all time least favorite.  Things I hate: Commandos, Mountain Climbers with Push-ups.  Things this workout had: both of those things.  Alas, I persevered and pushed through pounding out the workout early this morning.  Now time to talk a little bit about BBG gear.


This, my friends, is what I’m working with.  I bought these eight pound weights my junior year of college just so I could have something in my room to play around with in the morning while I was getting ready for class.  They served their purpose then and are still doing so 4 years later.  That being said, they are getting pretty ratty and I think it’s time for an upgrade haha.  And the jumprope, ah the jumprope.  My boyfriend actually gave me this one since he got a new weighted rope and I hadn’t used it until starting the BBG.  I am a terrible jumproper.  I am constantly hitting myself and tripping, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.  My bench of choice is a chair in my living room and I usually do dips off of our coffeetable.  I don’t know why I choose not to do the BBG at the gym, but I actually find it more intense when I do it at home and I’m not distracted by the bright lights and constantly packed gym.


This was my mantra today…and everyday.  I am a sweating machine.  To be honest, I don’t consider it a workout if I’m not sweating.  I love to sweat.  When I used to lift weights, I used to be so unhappy because I felt like I was wasting time at the gym, sitting around between reps, lucky if a bead of sweat even come into fruition.  Now, with my Bikini Body Guide workouts, I feel like I’m working on my strength at the same time as getting my cardio in and there is nothing I like more than killing two birds with one stone.


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