boo goes full emu.

4 inches of snow was a pleasant surprise to wake-up to this morning.  I woke up with the best of intentions of getting to the gym, but the snow made it a firm no.  So, I took Boo out on a walk and she surprised me by becoming an Emu.

image1 (1)

She would stick her face straight in to the snow, stand perfectly still for a minute, and then resurface with her face dusted in the powdery fluff.  It made for quite the interesting walk.

Upon returning and dethawing, I decided this morning would not go to waste and got started on my circuit for Kayla’s Week 1 Arms and Abs.  I will let you know now that I don’t have the strongest arms by any means and tend to forego ab exercises for daily planks.  I really enjoyed this workout because it was something I just wasn’t used to.  Three days in and I definitely think I’ll be trying to stick with it.

After my nice workout, it was time to get a jump on my day and buckle down for work.  I am really loving the green tea these days.  The health benefits are almost immeasurable and it definitely helps to warm me up on these cold days.




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